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Partner On Premises

Our game-changing Partner on Premises program allows any organization in any industry to offer staffing solutions to contacts and clients as an additional revenue stream. The program leverages HIRE’s operating subsidiaries to provide recruitment and staffing through a revenue share arrangement. Companies can expand their client service capabilities to achieve growth through this new, complementary service offering.

Leverage Your
Company Database

Add Staffing
Solutions To Your
List Of Services

Increase Your

Shared Services

Our Shared Services program allows any small or medium-sized company to tap into our existing network of full back-office support, which includes accounting, human resources, legal, marketing, and information technology. Through this shared and flexible platform, companies can eliminate the burden of having to hire an in-house team while benefitting from higher efficiences, cost savings, expert guidance, and improved productivity. Grow your business and let us take care of the details.

Improved Productivity
With Specialized

Access To Shared
Technologies &
CRM Platforms

Cost Savings
& Potential For
Increased Revenue

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